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App Store Optimisation (ASO)

New channels and platforms emerge daily, and mobile is taking a strong lead.


If you’re not using ASO to increase your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

What it is: A very fundamental activity done to every app. It allows the Play Store / App Store Algorithms to associate keywords with your app. So when any user searches for our targeted keywords, the app shows on the list (not necessarily in the top)

Purpose: To get ranked on keywords that we research and recommend. These keywords are researched using 3rd party and in-house tools. The keywords recommended will be finalized and added App Marketing Services strategically to the title and description of the app. The ultimate purpose of ASO is app visibility and not user acquisition. The secondary purpose is to get more organic traffic through user searches.

When is it Done: ASO is recommended to be done before the app launch. This allows rectifications and also prevents re-uploading the app on the store. But in case app is already on store, ASO is still done the same way.

Delivery Time:ASO includes Keyword Research, Title, Optimization, Description Optimization and Keyword String arrangement. Complete ASO delivery takes 3 – 4 Weeks.

What is Delivered: We will deliver a complete keyword research sheet with our recommendation on primary keywords. Along with this we will provide an optimized title and a revamped description of your app. For Play Store, both short and long descriptions are optimized. For iTunes, we will prepare a 100 character keyword string. All will be provided together in a word document. 3 weeks after app launch and implementation of ASO, we will send you another report showing progress of your app before & after ASO.

What to Do With ASO: It’s simple. Just copy paste the given title, description and keyword string from our word document into Google Developer Console or/and iTunes Connect. After that publish / release your app as per your plan.

Results: It is to be noted that ASO results are highly dependent on the other activities you do for marketing. Keywords are gradually crawled by the store algorithms and it usually takes 4-6 Weeks for keyword rankings in case of new apps. As a result we do not guarantee any results in this campaign

Scope of Work in ASO

Keyword creation and optimization Optimize your App Title (Name) Unique description
30-50 Relevant Keywords for your app. Add a meaningful keyword heavy phrase after your title. A good and effective app description by professional copy writers.
Brainstorming and Analysis of long-tail keywords searched by users on App / Play Store. We keep in mind the character limits of each store. Specific app description with reference to specific app category.
Keyword Research Targeted Country-wise. Give multiple suggestions to choose from. Optimal Keyword Positioning and Keyword Density for your description
Analysis and Tracking of keywords your competitors are using.
Optimized 100 Char Keyword String (only for iTunes)

Phase wise planning for ASO Activities

Phases Services No. Duration
#1 App Evaluation & Internal Research - 2.5 Weeks
Keyword Research for Play Store -
Keyword Research for iOS App Store -
Competition Research for Keywords -
#2 App Title Extension Optimization - 1.5 Weeks
App Description Optimization -
Pre-ASO App Ranking Sheet -
Client Review and ASO Submission -